Leo weekly horoscope 14 january

Your weekly horoscope is here! Aquarius season begins on Sunday, and a lunar eclipse in Leo will usher in change where we need it the.
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Free weekly horoscope for all star signs of the zodiac. Find out what this week 07 Oct - 13 Oct has in store for, in matters of love, career and more.

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Read on for your weekly horoscope for October plus the nitty gritty for your star sign! Aries is the number one sign of action!

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And with an Aries Full Moon coming up on Sunday the 13 th you can expect things to gather considerable speed. With both the Sun and Moon square Pluto too, this is certainly a transformative Full Moon and an opportunity to make brave, rapid progress toward your goals! Mercury opposes Uranus on the Monday delivering some potentially shocking news. What you hear on Monday could be unexpected but liberating. You might not be feeling so light yourself, what with the Sun square Saturn direct in Capricorn too.

Your Weekly Horoscope: A Lunar Eclipse and Supermoon in Leo Will Turn Up the Joy!

Monday calls for responsibility, maturity and commitment. Are you willing to step up to that plate?

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  • If so, then you could see your plans take concrete shape and form as soon as the week begins. With Venus in the most probing of signs and Mars opposite Chiron on Wednesday the 9th, this is the time to take real steps to heal these old relationship wounds. No use beating about the bush.

    What is it you want? Pay attention to what your body is telling you.

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    But this is a week for weaving yourself back together again. The world holds connections and contradictions that can still surprise you. There are so many ways to live with love. Still, this week, you might feel softness in yourself. You might feel a real tenderness that has somehow, in spite of it all, remained true.

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    It means that no sorrow can last forever, either. It means that no trap can hold you, that no chain is unbreakable. This week, you can survive any challenges the world might throw in your path, and your power will only grow. Your energy will be brave and bright and steady; you can feel confident in your power and clear in your ambition.

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    You can say no, because nobody deserves that and neither do you. What will you do with all the hunger that rises up in you, crashing about like the tides?

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